To Swear or Not to Swear

So the musical Hamilton has become an obsession in my home. So much so that we spent the kids college tuition to get the family tickets to see the show on Broadway. (I’m exaggerating we never had a college savings for the kids. State schools for everyone!).

For those who don’t know what Hamilton is, it’s a hip hop musical based on the life of Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. Well, in the nature of hip hop, swearing does occasionally happen. At first I was hyper sensitive to it, and I would throw down the volume every time a swear came up. I started to understand the soundtrack like a junkie knows his own veins. My fingers were fast and nimble and I protected my boy’s virgin ears from the harmful words that could destroy their lives forever. And then one day, I just forgot to. I don’t know why, I just didn’t do it. And we listened and listened and listen and guess what? Nothing happened. My parent card wasn’t revoked. My kids heads didn’t exploded. Nothing.

At first they didn’t really understand the words, which is surprising because my wife and I have loudly dropped F, S, & C-bombs accidentally from time to time. I’m drawn personally to the MF, but to each, their own. So my eldest, he’s 9, believe the F stands for Funk. So he would sings “I’m Hercules Mulligan when you knock me down, I get the FUNK back up again!” We thought that was amazing. Same energy, same passion, and he seemed satisfied with that.

No need for soap, when it’s art!

Unfortunately my wife and I enjoyed it so much we would giggle each time it happened. So of course my eldest asked, “why are you laughing?” So we began our journey into swear words.

Fortunately my kids are smarter then I am. They understood the difference between words that were appropriate to use and what was not. They were excited by us trusting them with this mature idea.

It made me start to think. I’ve never been shy of swearing. I’ve always believed that expressive language was important. And I couldn’t have been prouder that my kids had learned what swearing was through art. It gave them a natural respect towards language and the power of words.



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One thought on “To Swear or Not to Swear

  1. I’ve been debating letting my 3-y-o listen, I’ve just be skipping the songs with the straight up cursing.

    Of course, I’m the Dad that taught him that Bruno Mars is saying Hot DOG in Uptown Funk…


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