Inside the Modern Man Tool Box – Inflation Kit

From time to time on Modern Man we’re going to share items around the house and yard that help save our time, patience and sanity!

The summer heat has arrived in Southern New England. As is normal the past few years, it sneaks up on you – no time to acclimate. It’s 50 degrees one day and the next it’s 95 in shade!

“Man it’s hot. It’s like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn’t take this kind of hot.” – Biloxi Blues

So, I have little kids and a heatwave. Toddlers aren’t all that happy sitting still on the couch in front of the fan, so that means getting outside.

Water table. Great. They get their shirts wet, the diapers end up 1000 pounds and you’re left saying “keep the water in the water table” like a broken record.

Time to bite the bullet – time to blow up the kiddie pool.

In years past I would mentally send myself back in time and pull out all my lung capacity from my marching band days.

I’d sit on the ground and blow up all the individual rings of the pool.

Vision getting hazy……. migraine is coming…… cheeks hurt…… can’t feel my legs……


This year – I spent $3.98 and ENJOYED the opening of pool season.

Home Depot (and other locations) have inflation kits that include a nozzle head made to insert into those damn plastic/rubber inflatable items. Hook it up to my electric air pump and voila – we have a pool and Daddy is still able to breath and walk in a straight line.

Do yourself a favor – get one. Get one now.


Featured Products in this story:

Husky Inflation Kit (6-Piece) – Home Depot

(MindoftheModernMan did not receive any promotional consideration for this story)

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