Cliche Father’s Day Gifts Men Actually Want

Father’s Day has come and gone. Hopefully you were met in bed with a fantastic breakfast, lots of hugs and most likely some gifts.

There are those gifts that have been deemed cliche for Father’s Day – neckties, slippers, grilling tools, etc. Sometimes they’re great – other times…. well, other times it’s like Mat said last week: it’s the thought that counts.

Today is the Boxing Day of Father’s Day – so, box those “nice try” cliches back up and check out this list of cliches items you’ll actually want:

Return that necktie and buy THIS ONE!

The gang at Two Guys Bow Tie will allow you to design your OWN wooden bowtie. These are all the rage right now, and you can add your own flair to it by designing it yourself.

Return that umbrella and buy THIS ONE!

Disney taking over the Star Wars world ends up being a really good thing for Modern Men looking to keep their life-long collection going.

The Disney Store has a whole selection of umbrellas with light-up lightsabers. The hilt, the colors – blue for Jedi, red for Empire.

Return that desk set and buy THIS ONE!

Admit it – we all tap our pens. Admit it – when others aren’t around, you’re trying to be Ringo Starr at your desk with two pens.

Well, now thanks to Uncommon Goods you can be even more Ringo-like at work – Drumstick Pens! You know you want them. Just make us a promise – no Wipe Out!

Return that watch and buy THIS ONE!

If you have $1,900 laying around, you could have this watch from The wood grain is made with reclaimed 1923 Yankee Stadium seat wood.

The house that Babe played in – those seats can now be on your wrist. If you’re not a Yankees fan, that’s ok – no one is perfect – they have Wrigley Field too.

Return that briefcase and buy THIS ONE!

Ready for this? It’s not a briefcase – it’s a GRILL!

Pick your chin back up off the ground and head over to ThinkGeek and pick up this baby. It’s stainless steel and runs on charcoal! It’s the grill that James Bond would have used – you know it.

Return that pair of slippers and buy THIS ONE!

We all have slippers. They fall off. They are loud when we’re trying to tiptoe around the cribs in the morning. They STINK!

The team at Sorel now give us the Falcon Ridge Slipper. It’s one of the highest ranked slippers on Amazon and according to Sorel, it’s comfortable, warm, quiet, AND you can take out the inside and throw it in the wash. Everyone wins with this one.

I was going to find some cool alternatives for ashtrays – but who really gets those from their kids anymore? Third hand smoke is real people!

BBQ aprons are fun, no matter the design. Tools are tools. And don’t you EVER return any kind of picture (camera-taken or drawn) that your kids give you.

So, what did you get this year? Share your gifts below!


(Mind of the Modern Man received no promotional considerations for this story.)

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