Mind of the Modern Man – Mat’s Product Review – Zipzicles Ice Pops

Zipzicles are amazing. Why? Because you can make your own. They eliminate the worst part of a popsicle, the stick. The packages are sturdy. They won’t pop and they work smoothly. Let me just say that having a funnel will make things a lot easier, but even if you don’t have a funnel, it’s still pretty easy to fill. I recommend doing it over the sink. An obvious tip from your Uncle Maty.


So I decided with my maiden Zipzicle voyage that normal flavors weren’t going to do it. I was going to try my favorite adult cocktail for my test run. Weeks ago I had gone to Trader Joe’s and bought Lime Jalapeño juice. This was a perfect base for a spicy margarita. So that’s what I did.

I made spicy lime jalapeño Zipzicles. It was so good. The contrast of the cold and the spicy was perfectly bizarre. My tongue was so confused. First, the cold hits you and you can enjoy the full lime and pepper taste and then the spice bites you at the end. So, you go back for more of the refreshing cold.


If spicy isn’t your thing, than this combo isn’t for you. If it is, I highly recommend trying it. If you can’t get to Trader Joe’s and the Lime Jalapeño juice, you can always spice regular lemonade or even your tequila. I’ve found that cutting up a jalapeño and placing it in your juice or alcohol for 24 to 48 hours spices your liquid pretty well.


I can’t see a reason why you wouldn’t try Zipzicles. If you have kids, it’s a great no mess way to enjoy popsicles that you can make with them. And you can make whatever flavor you want.


If you don’t have kids, Zipzicles are beautiful party treat that will make your BBQ unique. Its like a jello-shot but more refreshing and fun. It’s like a cupless strawberry daiquiri or pina coolata. But don’t feel bogged down by only a few choices. You can go to Zipzicle.com and see a ton of adult beverage recipes.

– Mat


Read KP’s Review of Zipzicles HERE.

You can buy Zipzicles on their webpage, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon and more. Go get some and tell them that you read about it here on Mind of the Modern Man! Then come back and tell us your thoughts.

[Note: Mind of the Modern Man was given these products, free of charge, but were allowed to express their own opinions on the products.]

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