“One thing. Just one thing.”

I’ve forgotten how to do just one thing. No, I haven’t forgotten how to do any one thing specifically… Actually, that’s not true. I’m sure I’ve forgotten MANY specific things over the last 40+ years – the lyrics to Rhythm is a Dancer, how to do a somersault without breaking my neck and most of algebra.

What I’m referring to is that I don’t remember how to NOT multitask anymore. For the Modern Man, we’re told that it’s such a valuable tool for most of life. Watch the kids while making dinner. Mowing the lawn while listening to the ball game. Checking my emails during the morning bathroom time.

But I can’t just sit still and do one thing.

I tried doing an amazing BB-8 puzzle that my wife gave me for Christmas. I had the radio on and got lost in song which reminded me of wanting to get some CDs to put in the truck, so then I had to clean the CD cabinet.

I’m reading the new Thrawn novel by Timothy Zahn – but I did so while watching the Home Run Derby.

At work I can answer a teammate’s question while typing an email to someone else – saves time – right?

However, do we ever give our 100% to BOTH things?

The kids didn’t run away while I was cooking, but was that quality time with Dad? When I did stop to go help find the special hinge Duplo block, the pierogis got a little over cooked on the bottom. Both the kids and dinner were “fine” – but they weren’t getting 100% of me.

As far as the book and Derby – I’m not sure what happened in Chapter 17 and I forgot who lost out to Aaron Judge in the 2nd round.

When I had to do the close trim work by the fencing I missed the big interception recovery on the radio, and when Aaron Rogers threw that 85 yard pass to Jordy Nelson, I missed a big swatch of grass over by the barn while holding my hands up in the touchdown pose.

My co-worker got an answer from me, but it was short and to the point and doubt it came across as very friendly. And that email I sent – just re-read it –typos – including the client’s name.

How do I get my 100% back?

I’m not sure I know how. But here’s what I’m going to try…

I just pushed my monitor to one side of my desk, leaving a big open area on the other side. When someone asks me a question, I’m going to physically slide in my chair to the empty side of the desk – away from my keyboard and monitor.

Concentration has never been a solid arrow in my quiver. So, maybe I don’t need the ear buds in taking my concentration away. Focus on the task at hand – do it right – and do it well. I bet it will go faster and I’ll still catch the game in the 2nd half.

Turn the TV off. That’s what I did after the Derby. And you know what? I became immersed into the world of Star Wars and Thrawn. SO much more enjoyable.

What about you? Do you focus on just one thing? HOW?! TELL ME!!


Side note: while I was typing this; I answered 2 emails, had a conversation with someone and texted with my sister-in-law. I’m not getting better at this 100% thing….

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