Mind of the Modern Man Review – ThinkGeek’s Orpheus Music Machine Robot

If you and/or your kids love Lego, Erector Sets, or model building – ThinkGeek’s Orpheus is for you!

ThinkGeek sent us Orpheus for free to test out and give our thoughts. As an avid puzzle and Lego fan, I was excited to rip into the box.

My three-year-old joined me and the smell of the wood (yes, Orpheus is made of WOOD!) was fantastic. Not that plastic smell – but this, somehow, smelled more manly.

H and I pulled out all the pieces and spread them out on our table.

We got right to work. You have to pop all the little wood pieces (and I mean LITTLE!) and make sure you’re keeping tabs of what is what. Then, it was on to the instructions…

This was the same satisfaction I get when I put together Ikea furniture. Step by step, follow through. Glue the pieces. Make them fit and make them work.

The work is a bit more tedious than a 3-year-old finds interesting, so H took the ThinkGeek monkey sticker they included and ran.

I finished up the project and it’s beautiful. There’s a little nightlight in there and the music box plays a sweet, although sad, song.

You do need button cell batteries – so I had to make a run to the local hardware store, but I love excuses for another run to the hardware store! He’s a good size too – about 7″ tall – looks very cool on the kids’ bookshelf (no pics in the kids room!).

My kids were a bit too young for this (the box states not recommended for kids under 3) to be a great father-and-kids project, but I really enjoyed doing it on my own. If you have kids 10 and up that love working with their hands – then Orpheus would be a GREAT project for them. However, I recommend it for any Modern Man that loves a good project – no kids required!

I highly recommend Orpheus and if you contact us, I’d be happy to tell you more if you wish.

You can order Orpheus from ThinkGeek’s Website. At $29.99 it’s a fantastic investment for a rainy day(s) project (took me a combined 5.5 hours).

GIVE AWAY!!! ThinkGeek is providing one Orpheus to one of our lucky readers! Click HERE for all the information!

[Note: Mind of the Modern Man was given these products, free of charge, but were allowed to express their own opinions on the products.]

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