What I Learned from Tetris

I spent hours (as did most people my age) trying to perfect Tetris on my PC and Gameboy. That music, the speed of the blocks, the colors – the patterns!

“Stop wasting your time on those video games. Go learn something.” Turns out, I did.

I don’t know about you, but most guys I know take an unusual sense of pride in spatial reasoning and planning. What do I mean by that?

We like to pack a car for a trip. We like to stack the woodpile. We like to put the kids toys into the toy chest/shelves. We love LEGOS!

For me, my newly honed skill is the ability to fit an entire day’s dishes into our relatively new dishwasher!

Sure, this won’t be on my resume. It won’t be an entire chapter in my biography. It won’t be a classic comedy scene in the movie made about my life. (Hey Kevin James, you get to star, let’s make this happen.)

“KP”, you’re now saying to your computer/mobile screen, “why are you spending a blog post writing about this?”

Why? Because I know I’m not alone in this. Let’s get all mental on this and go pros and cons, shall we?

* If you do it wrong – you can break some dishes. Not good if you’re stuffing in that favorite casserole dish you got for your wedding.
* If you stuff TOO much in, nothing gets clean enough and you must start all over again.
* If you wait till the end of the day to wash any dishes it could smell and attract bugs.
* If you only do dishes once a day – what if you need the frying pan and spatula from breakfast for dinner?

* You don’t have to wash dishes by hand.

Do I have to keep going?

I didn’t think so. We’ve been very lucky to have lived in a life where tools are there to make our lives easier. Yes, I wash anything that’s real silver and yes, the very special family heirlooms get taken care of by hand. But, the big plates, small plates, kids plates, spoons, knives, forks, tupperware, glasses, jars and many many utensils just get put in the washer. It’s glorious.

The real skill comes in the later rounds of the game. Just like in Tetris you can feel the pressure coming on. The top rack is filling up, but the TEN pieces that make up the food processor are still in the sink.

The music is getting faster….

That thing is the WORST to clean. Would be so easy just to put in the dishwasher and let it work its magic instead of using five different sized brushes and sponges to get in all those nooks and crannies.

The music is GETTING FASTER….

Have you ever rubbed your hand across the shredder in the wrong direction? Bye bye knuckles! It’s in the interest of your own safety to get it in the dishwasher – this could be life and death! (Of the skin on your knuckles.)


You move a few glasses to be closer together. Maybe two or three bowls shift to the empty space on the bottom rack. The beads of sweat start to build on your forehead.


Then you see it! That one big piece of green tupperwear that yesterday’s pancakes were in. Flip it on its side length wise and BOOM – space for the Voltron-forming like pieces of the food processor.

Soap in, door shut, the sweet gentle hum soothes over you as you sit down for some Netflix binge watching.

Game over man, game over – WINNER.

Ya know what? On second thought – it WOULD be a killer comedy scene in my movie….


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