Modern Man, ThinkGeek, Harry Potter and Firefly Head Back to School!

Our amazing friends at ThinkGeek sent us a pack of Back to School goodies to try out and share our thoughts with you.

So, what did they send us?

A Firefly Serenity USB Flash Drive

Wow, this thing is impressive! We use and toss USB flash drives all the time. They look like a stick and we lose them. (Remember when they used to be like 500mb for $20 – HA!). But this thing is a work of art!

It’s die-cast metal and so shiny! You won’t lose this, it’s got a solid feel (weighs about 0.15lbs). You click the button on the top and BOOM! The USB port is there.

Plug it in and the engines light up! Not sure I’ve ever been this excited for a flash drive. Even the box is cool.

I know we can use this for moving and saving files (it even has a loop for your keychain), but let’s be honest here – we’re just going to display this bad boy – aren’t we?

Click HERE to order it, and pssstt… as of posting this – it’s on sale!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Stationery Set – Exclusive to ThinkGeek

You may not have received your letter for Hogwarts, yet. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t send notes like you already go there!

There’s a feather quill (with a ballpoint pen inside). Yes, feather. If you don’t feel fancy writing with this, not sure what it would take!

The cards are gilded and beautiful. The envelopes even have the Hogwarts crest. Then, you can use the red wax stick and Hogwarts crest stamp to seal the envelope. That’s really OLD school (wizard style).

The real dilemma isn’t whether or not you want this – it’s who in your life is special enough to receive a note with all this awesomeness! Who will be card-worthy?

Hey guys … as of today … it’s on sale too! Buy it HERE.

Harry Potter Composition Notebook 4pk – Exclusive to ThinkGeek

Ok, maybe you’re not taking your wax and stamp to school with you, but these composition notebooks HAVE to be in your backpack (or in the case of this 42-year old, on your desk).

They are sturdy and open pretty flat to be able to use. All four houses are represented in beautiful bold colors.

Each book is college ruled and has 100 sheets – perfect! Give them to your three closest friends (after a small notebook sorting ceremony of course) or go ahead and be selfish and keep them for yourself.

Sure, we could give any of these to our kids for school, but maybe we need to order an extra set for ourselves too… what ya think?

No way these are on sale too, right? WRONG! They are. Shop HERE.

Like what we shared here? Share it with your friends on social media! Also… want your own? Look for a GIVEAWAY from us and ThinkGeek SOON!


[Note: Mind of the Modern Man was given these products, free of charge, but were allowed to express their own opinions on the products.]

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