The Modern Men’s Reaction to Star Wars The Last Jedi’s Full Trailer

Last night we all turned away from the Yankees/Cleveland game to tune into Monday Night Football to catch up on a riveting game that saw Chicago and Minnesota in a Field Goal to Safety 3-2 scoring fest. SNOOZE!

But, that’s not why we watched. With the rest of the ‘geek’ world, we tuned in to see the premiere of the latest Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer.

Have you not seen it? OR do you need to see it yet AGAIN!? Here you go:

The Modern Man in his 40s has grown up with Star Wars. Many of us are HUGE fans – and ALL of us here on this site are. We’ve been waiting for this for MONTHS! Did the trailer come through? Did it live up to the anticipation? Here is what we were all thinking as we watched it…

In the moment, and always men of prose, here is what we all said (via text to all or one another) as it aired…

KP: “WHOA!!!!!!”
Steve: “Take my money. Just take my money.”
Mat: “Wholly Crapolla!”
Jon: “Oh wow. Wow.”

Yeah, not the kind of wording you’d expect from us, but I think if Shakespeare was a Star Wars fan he would have found it difficult to articulate what he was feeling at that time, too.

We were blown away by so much of it. Kylo had his weapons set on his MOM! Kylo extending his hand – to Rey…. or was it red herring editing? The way Luke reacted as Rey split that boulder they were on – wow.

Some of those visuals just really caught the attention, didn’t they? Snoke with Rey in a prone Force hold. That red clay coming up through the snow in the battle and those walkers using gorilla like movements!

The trailer had some surprising moments like the Jedi swimming pool – what’s up with that? There are going to be surprises all throughout. Steve put it best by saying that it feels like “serious” Star Wars in a way that Rogue One never felt to him. And, he thinks there are going to be genuine surprises in it.

We wanted more! Luke has been a downer and mopey in all the clips so far – we hope we get to see him kick some butt, too! Was it Rey’s powers being those that were so scary to Luke? If so, let’s see more! Dying to see more new characters and not just the Porgs.

And we want answers. Does Kylo turn to the light? Does Rey turn to the Darkside? Does Kylo destroy General Organa Solo’s ship (with her on it)? Who was Luke referring to when he said he’s seen this kind of power one other time – was it Vader? Emperor? Young Ben Solo? Does Luke train Rey or does he send her away? And….. what the hell are those Ice-Dogs?

Luke, in the trailer, says “This is not going to go…the way you think!” We think there is a LOT this trailer is teasing us about and a LOT we’re not going to really know until we see the movie.

Between the time the trailer first aired and the guys sharing more in-depth thoughts with each other first thing in the morning, KP had seen it at least a dozen times. Steve scraped by with 3 times. Mat watched it a minimum of 5 times immediately after it aired and Jon was rapidly approaching 10 viewings.

Yes, we bought our tickets already. We’ll be standing in line with everyone else to get the good seats.

You could say that we’re excited. But you’d be understating it…

-The Modern Men

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