Modern Man’s Top Ten Tools To Keep In The House

We have full workbenches and toolboxes in the basement, garage or shed. (In full transparency, most of us have wives with the full tool boxes… but we’re catching up!)

That being said, when we are in the house and have a small fix-it project, what’s handy and in the junk drawer ready to go?

Here are our Top 10 household tools that we cannot live without.

A good pair of scissors

Opening all those Amazon Prime packages, tearing into those snack bags, or removing price tags from our kids’ stuff is so much easier with a pair of scissors.

We also find that they WALK more than any other tool. Where the hell do they all go?

KP and his wife fill each others’ Christmas stockings with scissors every year. Hopefully there is still a set laying around when it’s time to wrap next year’s presents.

Picture hanging level/ruler

The kids make art. You have art. Your partner has art. They have to go on walls and winging it just isn’t a very modern thing to do.

This spacer and level is an amazing feat of engineering! Your nails go on the same line and are evenly spaced without trying to do it by hand. PHEW

Mini screwdriver set

These sets may seem like they wouldn’t get much use – but wait until you have kids. Every single toy has a battery pack, and those packs are protected by the world’s smallest screws.

Fisher Price, Mattel and Kenner must believe that we already have these sets lying in a drawer somewhere.

Also, useful for taking the batteries OUT of the toys when you just can’t take hearing Moana sing three lines from How Far I’ll Go for the 1,000,000th time. (Just ask KP who wrote about this very thing, not too long ago.)

Decorative hammer/screwdriver sets

You know you have one of these in your drawer. They’ve been impulse buys at hardware stores for years. Tell us you haven’t seen one sticking out of a Christmas stocking or as a Hanukkah gift before.

But you know what? Paint job aside, this thing is HANDY! Hanging a picture frame – you have a little hammer. Need to tighten a screw – you have a little screwdriver. Don’t judge a hammer by its cover.

Small tape measure

They may be a keychain, a gag gift or promotional giveaway, but when you’re looking to space stuff out around the house, these little guys come in handy.

You don’t always need a 60’ tape measure when a small 10’ will do just fine. It’s not always about the size, right? (Well, we’ll keep telling ourselves that.)

Duct tape

Do we really have to explain this one? We’ll let MythBusters do it, instead.

Robogrip pliers

These things are LEGIT! You can use these for just about every job.

Jon forgot a pair on the roof of his Jeep for a few months and not only did they hang on (he’s not sure how they made it through car washes), but they shook off the rust and are still going.


The king of tools.

A hammer has a myriad of uses, including getting things “un-stuck”.

Allan wrench set

There are probably roughly 50 different sizes of Allan wrenches in some of these sets. Why? Because no two items utilize the same size Allan screws… EVER.

Having this set saves us from looking around for the ones that came with the specific faucet set/bike/furniture/Ikea bookshelf, etc.

Super glue

Kids break your stuff. They break their stuff, too. Super Glue stops the tears from falling and makes things whole again. [*Note: we are referring to fixing the toys to make them stop crying. Do not put glue in your children’s eyes to stop tears…. no matter how much it may sound like a good idea.]

Except for Christmas ornaments – those are just goners. Say adios and move on with your lives.

Bonus Item: Wire coat hanger

Yes, we know – NO MORE WIRE HANGERS! We have wood hangers, we have plastic hangers, we have coat hooks. BUT – don’t throw away all the wire ones!

Can’t reach something behind the stove? Bend a coat hanger.
Need to fish something from out of a drain? Bend a coat hanger.
Need to unclog the vacuum? Bend a coat hanger.
Making a Halloween costume that needs some strength? Bend a coat hanger.
Dog’s favorite toy roll under the deck? Bend a coat hanger.

What do you guys have in your junk drawer at home that we should add to ours?

-The Modern Men

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