Holiday Traditions for the Kids… in all of us

We just chucked our jack-o-lanterns into the chicken coop so they could enjoy. These pumpkins were carved expertly by my wife and kids and I. Well, mostly my wife and I. Who am I kidding – mostly my wife.

I started thinking, why do we get all set up for these kinds of traditions that are for the kids – when they get bored in the first 2 minutes?

Pumpkin carving, Easter egg dying, Christmas decorating…

We all start out thinking that it’s going to look like this:

Or this:

Or this:

But, of course, the kids end up getting bored in the first 30 seconds, chuck some sprinkles around the room and we end up getting tired of it and we end up with this:

Or this:

And this:

So, why do we bother?

Easy! Cause we all love this stuff! Come on! The Modern Man can ROCK this stuff!

Have you seen what people are doing with jack-o-lanterns now?

How about Easter Eggs?

And as far as decorating the tree – you can build Disney World’s monorail track around the trunk! Ask Rob, our Disney Dad about it – he has this!

These things are definitely for the adults of us – but for the kids inside! We got bored when we were six – but we WANTED to be good at these traditions. Now we get the chance.

Who about you? Which holiday traditions are your favorites to do with the kids (and then finish yourself)?


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