Disney Dad’s Dozen: Top 12 Attractions Kids Love & Dads Do Too!

Naysayers will often say “Disney World is for kids”. I agree! I act like a kid every time I go!

When I visit the Disney resort I can leave the real world behind and really enjoy my time with my family. It’s probably the number one reason I keep going back year after year.

For this edition of Disney Dad’s Dozen I present the top 12 Disney Attractions that kids love and their Dads will too!

This is a list of attractions from all four Florida Disney theme parks and is in no particular order. I left out rides that are scary to smaller kids (Tower of Terror) or attractions that might not hold their attention (The Hall of Presidents). These are experiences Dads and kids can do together!

1. Space Mountain

One of the original iconic mountains of the Magic Kingdom. Most dads love a good coaster and this doesn’t disappoint. The queue line is interactive with video games and the best part is that the entire experience, from entrance to exit, is indoors!

The lighting effects and music are classic Disney and best of all it’s air conditioned!

2. Expedition Everest

Over at the Animal Kingdom. This is, in my opinion, the best coaster in all of Disney. The theming takes you right into Nepal where you are searching for the elusive Yeti. It’s one of the few queues that have so much detail it’s almost worth not getting a FastPass. This coaster not only goes fast but it goes upside down and backwards. At the top of the Everest peak (it’s the tallest of all the Disney coasters) you can get a great view of Disney property including Spaceship Earth over at Epcot. Just make sure to look left when you get up there.

Bonus Disney Dad Tip: The single rider line almost never exceeds 10 minutes. So if you don’t mind not sitting with your party jump in the single rider line. How we do it: we ride once with a fast pass and then jump right into the single rider line for a second ride up the mountain.

3. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

This is a fun interactive galactic shoot ‘em up that families love because you get to compete with each other for a high score! On this ride at the Magic Kingdom you have been drafted into Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Corps to fight the evil Zurg. This slow moving ride takes you into several rooms filled with “z’s” and evil robots. You shoot the “z’s” with your space gun to defeat the enemy. The more you hit, the more points you score.

Bonus Disney Dad Tip: All of the targets are worth different points. In the first room there is a giant robot on the left. When you go past him turn your car around and hit the outside of his left hand. It’s worth 500,000 points every time you hit it. Also in the final scene there is a giant Zurg. Hit him at the very bottom of his vehicle. Those are 250,000 points each. On several occasions I have defeated Zurg and my children with the max score of 999,999.

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