Top 10 Tips: How a Modern Man Fights a Cold

Tip Four: Take it Easy on the Meds

My wife said it best a while ago: “Pills just mask the symptoms, they won’t cure it.”

Vitamins help more. Not just the over the counter ones. As Jon said to me recently – that just makes you have expensive pee. No, look for vitamins in fruit and vegetables.

While orange juice is the old stand by (and worth it at 125 milligrams of Vitamin C in 8oz glass), other fruit juices are good too. Try cranberry juice if you want a more tart flavor. That has 90 milligrams of the good stuff.

If you are going to go for the meds, Jon has found recent success with Zicam. Just beware the Night Time pills, you have kids – you can’t be on cloud 9 when they have a nightmare in the middle of the night.

Tip Five: Give in to Kids’ Screentime

Speaking of the kids, they still need your attention. But we need to rest. What do we do?

I’d never say this on a normal day, but you’re sick and the kids need you back to 100% as soon as you can. If turning on Daniel Tiger for a few episodes allows you quiet time on the couch with your wonton soup and cranberry juice, it’s worth it. Just make sure the kids know this is just ‘for special’.

Bonus Tip: There’s actually an episode where Daniel learns what to do when his Mom is sick with a cold!

Tip Six: Clear Out Your Sinuses

Depending on the kind of cold you have, your pressure may be in different places in your head. But a few easy ways to help things get running again are nearby.

One idea is to turn your shower on HOT and sit in the room. Let the steam of the shower get in your nose, throat, eyes, lungs and head.

Another idea I recently bumped into is from a co-worker at the catering company I work for. She made a quick suggestion. Go ask the chef for some wasabi. I did. Took a spoonful and BLAM my sinuses were CLEAR!

Stuffiness came back in a little while, but those precious moments were outstanding. I spent the next 30 minutes trying to find a California roll.

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