Top 10 Tips: How a Modern Man Fights a Cold

Tip Ten: Wipe Down/Replace Everything!

You made it through the cold – great job! Now, chuck your toothbrush. Wash your towels. Wipe down the doorknobs. Wash the sheets. Empty the trash.

Those are commonplace – but here are some things you may overlook. Have you cleaned your phone and its case? Don’t tell me you didn’t use it during your cold. What about your desk and things at work? Your keyboard? How about the steering wheel in your car or the tablet you’re reading this on? Give them all a good cleaning and bid those germs a fond farewell.

Extra Bonus Tip: Don’t Be a Baby

There is nothing Modern or Manly about sitting on the couch and whining about how badly you feel. Remember, your kids are watching every move you make. If you act like a 2-year-old when you have a cold, imagine what your two-year-old will do when they have one!

How about you guys? What tips do you use to fight off colds? Share some in the comments!


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