Top Ten Ways for Modern Men to Get Ready for Snow

4. Clean Your Wood Burning Stove
And your fireplace. Step in time and clean the chimney, the grates, the ash.

Think about it. It’s a place where you purposely set a fire inside your home. Keep it clean – mistakes are fine when you spill water in the kitchen, any mistake with fire involved is one best to take all precautions for avoiding.

Replace your lighters too. You bought them last year, or found them in your Christmas stocking. It’s been almost a year – get some new ones.

5. Stack and Cover Your Firewood
Get the wood now. You may already be too late. If you wait too long, you’re going to get wet wood or green wood. No good. Get the stuff that’s been drying all summer.

Once you get the 3 or 4 cords at the house, stack them up (allowing air to flow through the piles). Not sure how to do it? Check with American Treasure – Bob Vila and his tips for stacking. Then cover the stacks to keep them dry.

6. Clean Your Heating Vents
So, you don’t heat your home with fire? Ok, then we’re talking about electric or forced air heat of some kind. Over the summer, those vents have been gummed up with dust, pet hair and who knows what else suck in there by the kids.

Get the shop vac (mine reminds me of R2-D2!). Vacuum in between the grates, under and over, too. Get them as clean as you can.

Same thing goes for any space heaters you may use. Simple rule, if something heats up enough to keep you warm, keep it clean. No need for anything to ‘combust’.

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