Top Ten Ways for Modern Men to Get Ready for Snow

7. Fill Your Propane Tanks
Call your ‘propane guy’ and make sure your propane (or oil) is filled up. Once the really cold weather hits so will the heftier pricing. Snow on the ground is a lot nicer when you’re sitting in your warm home looking out the windows at it.

Same goes for your kerosene for any heaters you may have. Propane in the grill tanks too – if the power goes out in a blizzard, you can always dig out the grill and still have hot food.

8. Call Your Plow Guy
Make sure he’s still doing it this year. Check to see what he’s charging this year. Check to see how soon he usually is in your neighborhood. If you need to get plowed out before work – make sure he knows.

Don’t use a plow guy? Call that neighborhood kid who shovels driveways. Hopefully he still needs the money.

Don’t have either? Make sure you’ve replaced that broken handle on your snow shovel, tune up the snow blower and make sure the roof rake is in good working order.

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