Top Ten Ways for Modern Men to Get Ready for Snow

9. Get Ready For Blackouts
Blizzards and ice storms leave a lot of weight on branches and power lines. As opposed to a blackout in the warm weather, a cold weather one is not a fun adventure.

Get your generator gassed up and tested. Buy extra batteries for the flashlights and radio. Buy a case of bottled water to keep in a closet or mudroom. You’d be amazed how quickly water goes when you don’t have any.

Blankets, have lots of blankets.

Check out my previous story with tips for dealing with toddlers in a blackout by clicking HERE.

10. Find Your Winter Gear

Hat. Gloves. Coat. Boots. Find them. Find them now.

Nothing worse than waking up to a blizzard, needing to get out to the car and your boots are… well… where the hell are they? Find them now.

Check to make sure they’re all in good condition. Remember when the thumb ripped on your snow gloves and you thought “It’s ok, this will be the last storm I need these gloves, I’ll get new ones before next winter.”? Well, ya know what? It’s next winter, get those new gloves yet?

Sorry if mentioning the oncoming snow gets you down in the dumps, but better to be prepared than… well… getting stuck in the snow.

What about you? What did I miss?


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