Modern Man Valentine’s Day Prep – Fun Valentine’s Date Night in our 40s

Part of our Series to Get Ready for Valentine’s Day!

When we were younger, Valentine’s Dates could mean dancing the night away at a club, a fancy dinner in the city, a weekend away at a B&B.

Now we’re older. A lot of us have kids. Finding a normal date-night is a challenge, but then add on the pressure of making it extra special for Valentine’s Day.

So, what can we do? Here are some ideas I came up with. Let me know what you are all doing on Valentine’s Day in the comments below.

Date Nights you can do once the kids nap or go to sleep for the night…

Share the Binge

Binge watch your favorite shows – together!

You have shows you really love. She has shows she really loves. Compromise, get some take out and spend the night sharing the experience with each other.

Allow her to fall in love with the gang on Friday Night Lights and allow yourself to get to know the ladies on Gilmore Girls.

Take a Nap

Napping on the couch can be rejuvenating.

Seriously, how good does it sound to just take a nap?

Turn off the phone. The dishes and vacuuming can wait until tomorrow. The kids are asleep – take the time to do the same. A couple hours of uninterrupted sleep will feel GREAT! If it’s nap time, you can wake up for dinner later. If it’s nighttime – just go to bed early. 11 hours of sleep could be MAGICAL!

Don’t take my word for you – see what the National Sleep Foundation has to say about the magic of naps!

Bring in a Caterer

Let them cook and clean. You just enjoy!

Maybe you can’t get out for dinner, why not treat each other to a catered meal? You can hire a chef to come in and cook right there in your own home. They serve the food, clean up and take off. Yeah, make sure clean up is part of the plan!

Get Take-out – But a Meal – Not Fast Food!

Make it GOOD take-out!

Don’t want them in your house? Check out some pre-made meals you can have delivered or pick-up. Then you get the comfort of your own home and you still get to watch the kids sleep via the monitor.

Get Tech Naked

Lock them up – avoid the temptation!

This may sound easy – but try it. No TV. No radio. No DVR. No Netflix. No computer. No tablet. NO PHONE!

Then you can just be in each other’s company. Read a book. Play a game or cards. Simply talk to each other. Without the constant checking of your messages, you may be surprised how simple life can feel for the evening.


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