Modern Man Valentine’s Day Prep – Fun Valentine’s Date Night in our 40s

Date Nights you can do, provided you get a sitter…

Take the Day Off and Hike with a Picnic

It doesn’t matter where you hike, just hike it together.

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday – not even close to a weekend. SO, take the day off. Work will still be there tomorrow. Fill your water bottle and lace up the hiking books. Doesn’t matter where you live – a hike on the beach, in the hills or even in the snow. Just do it hand in hand.

The fresh air, the conversation, the exercise keeping your blood flowing. Will feel GREAT!

Be A Kid

Sometimes, a little friendly competition or bet could lead to a fun Valentine’s too…

Do you remember how fun dates were when we were in our teens and 20s? Try it again! Check out local spots for Go Karts, Laser Tag, Dave & Busters arcade, visit a Zoo, Bowling…

No kids with you – you get to BE the kid. Give in to the fun – just enjoy it.

Carpool Karaoke

Don’t get embarrassed if people see you rocking out in the car – you won’t see them ever again.

Tell me you didn’t use to drive around singing at the top of your lungs together. You’d make a mix tape/CD of songs that would have ‘alternative’ meanings for you to sing together.

Now, you’re cruising around in the minivan listening to Doc McStuffins for the 100th time on a daily basis. Eject the cartoon music and put in a new mix CD of songs you two can belt out. If you can harmonize together – even better!

Re-do First Date

Do a ‘re-date’

Do you remember the movie? The restaurant? The bar? The club?

Find it. Re-create it. Get the movie on DVD. Go to the same restaurant. Order the same thing or the same drink. If you’re really good, find the outfit (or a recreation) and put that on too.

One of you can go away and come back to ring the doorbell and walk them to the car. Do it for real. Call it your date-renewal!

Take Each Other Clothes Shopping

Take them to their favorite shop!

Sure, this may seem a little Pretty Woman – but how often do we go out and splurge on a new outfit for ourselves? It always feels great when you put on an outfit and your significant other says “I love that outfit on you”.

So, go clothes shopping to SPLURGE on each other (set a budget what “splurge” means for you!). But you pick out the clothes for them, and they pick it out for you. THEN take the new outfits out for a test run at a great dinner.

There we go – 10 ideas to do something fun this Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!


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