The Complete Modern Man Valentine’s Day Tips Guide

Part of our Series to Get Ready for Valentine’s Day!

In case you missed it over the past several weeks, we have been sharing stories that can help a guy out on Valentine’s Day.

Today IS Valentine’s Day – but you still have time! 🙂

Click the banners below to read each story and have a great Valentine’s Day!

A purr-fect Valentine’s Day gift from ThinkGeek for your significant other or your kids!

ThinkGeek’s Plush Bouquets

Want to watch a romantic movie tonight – that a guy will actually LIKE watching? Mat’s got you covered!

What’s more romantic than Deadpool?

How about some tunes? Jon curated over 2-hours of Modern Man music, perfect for Valentine’s Evening.

Are you at Walt Disney World or going to be? Robby shares his Disney Dad’s Dozen ideas for a romantic experience at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Looking for a new/fun idea for Valentine’s Day dates? KP discusses some ideas perfect for those of us who are no longer into going clubbing for the night.

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