10 Favorite Albums That “Made An Impact”

#5: Aladdin Movie Soundtrack

Never had a friend like me.

We were in high school for the glory days of the return of Disney animation. Little Mermaid, Beauty & The Beast, The Lion King! And… Aladdin!

My friend circle LOVED this album. Jon and Jay (Modern Man’s new tech production guru!) used to park our cars in the school parking lot and blast this album. We all had parts to sing and car-eography to perform. Yeah, we were theater geeks – but it was so much fun.

And how amazing is Robin Williams? Come on.

#4: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum: Original Cast Album

Comedy tonight!

This was the biggest role I ever played in a musical. After 25 years of playing the comic relief or funny sidekick – I finally got to do a show I’ve dreamed about for years (ever since seeing Nathan Lane in the role on Broadway). I was honored to get to play this comic LEAD in a musical and had a blast with so many funny people on that stage. I got to play off a very funny character actor named Geoff, who, to this day, has remained one of my most trusted and closest friends.

#3: Tom Cochrane: Life Is A Highway (single)

If you’re going my way…

I know it’s a single, but this was the soundtrack DAILY in the car as I drove my mom’s Buick Century around town when I first got my license. I played it LOUD!

Years later, I got stuck dancing at a wedding to this song – cause I said I wouldn’t dance unless they played this song. Was a safe bet – you usually don’t hear Life is a Highway at a wedding between Beyonce and the Electric Slide – right? But, and I kid you not, it turned out to be a NASCAR themed wedding, and damn if they didn’t play it.

Nowadays it’s on in our house as the kids dance to the Rascal Flatts version from Cars.

#2: Parenthood (TV Show) Soundtrack

May you stay, forever young

This month marks 5 years of being married! This album had our first dance on it. Jon did a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” for us. The rest of the album is really cool, but that one track beats all the others in my memory.

#1: Billy Joel – Songs In The Attic

It’s either sadness or euphoria…

Anyone who knows me, knows that I had to have some Billy Joel.

I love this album. Miami 2017, Los Angelenos (recorded at Toads Place in Connecticut), Streetlight Serenader, Captain Jack, Everybody Loves You Now, The Ballad of Billy the Kid, and my two favorite Joel songs – You’re My Home and Summer Highland Falls! It’s a greatest hits CD without any of his HUGE radio hits getting in the way!

So, there it is! My 10 albums. What about you? What albums would be on your list? Share in the comments below and I’ll be sure to keep the conversation going!


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