Disney Dad’s Dozen – Top 12 Things That Drive Walt Disney World Dads Crazy

This Disney dad just returned from a week at the World. I jokingly started making a list of things that drive me crazy when I am on a Disney Vacation. So I decided why not 12!

Here we go!

#12 – Disney guests who cannot figure out the finger scan at the turnstiles.

This isn’t rocket science…

Every park has the same entry turnstile. It consists of a pass or magic band reader and a finger scanner. It is so simple. Scan your magic band then place your finger on the scanner. There are cast members at every turnstile to assist guests. It was literally designed to make it the fastest most secure way for guests to enter the parks. The scanner is not a fingerprint scan but instead a bone scan or any finger you desire. It makes it so you cannot sell your tickets to another person. For some reason there is a percentage of adults and kids who cannot follow directions. There are signs and directions being called out to them! Pay attention folks! It is like being behind that “family” at the TSA line at the airport who are pulling out water bottles, Tupperware filled with fruit and kitchen knives out of their luggage in front of you at the scanners.


#11 – Using your stroller as a battering ram.

Weapons of mass ankle destruction!

This one is not only annoying but it hurts too. Picture strolling along main street USA enjoying a dole whip or a churro and then from behind you, your legs get taken out by an aggressive stroller driver who is late for their dinner reservation.

Renting a Disney stroller is not a license to commit theme park terrorism. You are not a snow plow driver. Think of all the kids in strollers who are getting dirty looks from strange adults.

Slow down! Look where you are going!

#10 – “Excuse me I am just trying to catch up to my family”.

Excuse me. Pardon me. Excuse me. Pardon me

You know who this person is. The entire group is headed into Pirates of the Caribbean and they decide it is time to go the bathroom and then shop for a few minutes before joining their family who are now deep into the queue of the attraction. Now they will bob and weave their way past hundreds of pissed off guests who follow the rules.

Your entire party needs to stay together! Take a group bathroom break. I have seen people nearly come to blows over this very situation.

Be courteous. Be Kind. Stay together. Hold hands if necessary.

#9 – Read the damn menu!

You’ve been staring at this for 15 minutes!

Quick service restaurants throughout the world try and move guests in and out as fast as possible. Most restaurants only serve 4-5 items to keep it simple and make it fast. Menus are EVERYWHERE!

Cast members even hand out laminated versions with big pictures and in several languages. But once again right in front of you are the family who has waited to get to the register to order and when the cast member asks “What can I get for you today” they look up and say “ummmmm. I don’t know. What do you have?”.


#8 – The parade or fireworks late arrival family.

There was no one here 5 minutes ago!

You and your family stroll and find a favorite spot to watch a fireworks show or the 3pm parade. You get there early, pick up some snacks and talk about what a great day you are having.

Suddenly the lights go down or the music starts and without fail a family with teenagers and grown 20 somethings duck under a rope and stand right in front of your kids.

Not only that but they all need to take 50 selfies for Instagram thus guaranteeing your kids won’t see anything at all.

#7 – Using an IPad for your vacation camera.

Find the idiot with the ipad.

It’s an IPAD people! Its huge!

I literally stood behind someone using and IPad pro last week (17 inch screen) at Epcot to take fireworks videos. Do you not own a phone or digital camera????


#6 – Don’t skip the nap. Or lunch.

Complete meltdown in 3…2…1….

Its 3pm. You skipped your kids nap. She’s been up since rope drop at 7am. The lines were too long for food and you want him to be “hungry” for your dinner reservation at Be Our Guest in a few hours.

Of course he is going to be fussy and probably melt down. Now he’s crying and you are mad!

Please don’t do any of these things.

Also please don’t scold them in front of strangers by screaming in their face “Its Disney World! You can’t cry! This cost a fortune!This is supposed to be fun!!!!!”


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