Disney Dad’s Dozen – Top 12 Things That Drive Walt Disney World Dads Crazy

#5 – Running.

Slow down!

The only time it’s ok to run in a theme park is during the marathon or Princess 10K.

Stop running.

It’s not worth it. Someone will yell at you. You may knock into someone. You will get there. We all will.

Slow it down. Walk please!

#4 – Let the ladies sit.

Man up and get up!

Men: Be gentleman!

Give up your seat on the bus to that tired Mom holding a baby. Hold the door for that elderly woman on the scooter. I see a lot of young people sitting when should be standing.

What happened to manners?

#3 – All the way across the row please!

Keep moving…

Move all the way across the row!

You hear this over and over and over and over and over and over. Every show in Disney has that one family that plunks down in the middle of the theater and makes 100 people crawl over the top of them.

Don’t be those people!

#2 – Turn off the flash!


Want to ruin a classic Disney dark ride? Ride with a family who is trying to record every second of their trip by taking flash photos on It’s a Small World and the Haunted Mansion.

Basic photography tells you that the flash is only lighting up objects directly near the camera. The only thing these people are lighting up is my temper!

#1 – Cheating

Look at this freakin’ guy!

And my top most annoying thing people do at Walt Disney World. Rent a wheelchair when no one is handicapped and try to use it to cut the line.

Do I have to explain this one?

Do you have something that annoys you at the park? Let’s add to the list in comments below. Until next time! Please stand clear of the doors.

-Robby K

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