Disney Dad’s Dozen – 12 Ways to Beat The Heat at Walt Disney World

Happy summer everyone! And a very happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. It’s time for fun in the sun and for family trips To Orlando. Summer in central Florida regularly posts 90 degree temps with 100% humidity.

Tarzan didn’t have it this hot.

But have no fear! We will help you get through. In this edition of Disney Dads Dozen we serve up 12 ways to beat the Mickey heat. Let’s dive in!

#1: Wear the right clothes!Wearing the right kinds of clothes can really make a difference when touring the Disney parks.

Think “light”. As in light weight and light colors. Technology has brought us tremendous lightweight moisture wicking clothes to work out in. But they are also great in the humidity. The sweat will stay off of you and if you are dryer you will be more comfortable. Nike makes some great Disney branded shirts and shorts.

They are now also selling sweet Nike ball caps that are super lightweight and great to keep the sun off of your head. Choosing light colors also makes a huge difference. So leave the black T-shirts and jeans at home!

#2: Leave the park!!You spent good money on a great Disney resort. They all have fantastic pools.

Disney Yacht and Beach clubs legendary sandy bottom pool

When it gets hot, head back to the resort for a dip and a nap. The Resorts will have pool games, a DJ, great food and cocktails for the grown ups.

You and your kids will be much happier.

#3: The magical Disney World mistersThese little babies with a water mister and built in fan is a family favorite of ours.

We’re fans of this mister

We buy one every few years until we either break or lose them. They cost $18 but if you are careful and remember to pack it every year you will get your Disney dollars worth. Plus your kids will love playing with them and holding the fan to their face.

We fill ours every morning with ice from the hotel. Then we refill it around the park as needed. You can get generic versions at Walmart for much cheaper but they won’t last. **bonus Dad tip! Take out the batteries after your trip. This will extend the life of the fan.

#4: Early morning and late at night are amazing times to go to the parks.Summer is the high season in Orlando. So the parks open early and stay open late.

Check out Pandora at the Animal Kingdom late at night. Gorgeous!)

Some days the Magic Kingdom is open from 8am to 2am. 20 degrees difference in temperature can make all the difference.

#5: Club cool is cool.Going to Epcot? Head over to club cool sponsored by Coca Cola.

Cool man, cool.

It’s got great A/C and you can sample free coke products from around the world for free. Don’t forget to try the “Beverly” from Italy!

#6: The Hail Mary Pass.This is a term I learned from the Unofficial Guide book by Bob Sehlinger.

The legendary Carousel of Progress. Or as my wife calls it the Carousel of naps.

In every park there are indoor, air conditioned attractions that you can basically walk into. These will get you a respite from the heat and a melting family.

Here’s a list by park:

  • Magic Kingdom: Mickey’s Philharmagic, The Hall of Presidents (especially empty these days), The Monsters Inc Laugh Floor and of course The Carousel of Progress
  • Epcot: The Imagination Pavillion, Living with the Land, The Seas with Nemo and friends, The Three Caballeros in Mexico and all of the movies In Canada, France or China in the world showcase.
  • Animal Kingdom: Nemo the Musical & It’s Tough to be a Bug
  • Hollywood Studios: One Man’s Dream, The Star Wars Launch Bay, The Frozen Sing Along.


2 thoughts on “Disney Dad’s Dozen – 12 Ways to Beat The Heat at Walt Disney World

  1. Great tips!! That’s the one thing that can make a Disney trip hard! Definitely need to pace yourself, thanks for sharing!

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