Staying Cool with the Kiddos in the Dog Days of Summer

6. Local Attractions.

Fun with the Fish

Have an aquarium nearby? How about a cool museum?

Just make sure it’s close – you don’t want to be in the car for a long ride in this heat. Also, check hours of operation AND the cost. You’d be surprised what some places charge these days.

7. Water water everywhere.

Oh… it’s on.

If you HAVE to get outside (keep it earlier or later in the day) have the H2O ready. Yes, plenty to drink, but have a lot ready for fun too!

Running through the sprinkler. Water balloons. Water gun fights. Kiddie pools. Water tables. And of course, the SLIP AND SLIDE! Provided you don’t mind wearing half the lawn on your chest after you shoot right past the end of the slide.

Smooth operator.

8. Want to splurge? Rent a Water Slide!

This one looks AMAZING

A lot of rental companies are all about the inflatable fun these days. Many offer inflatable water slides.

Don’t tell the kids, but after they’re asleep – it’s parents’ fun time on the slide!

9. River tubing.

Lazy day on the river.

This is a WORLD of fun. If you live anywhere near a pretty good-sized stream or river, chances are that you can find a place that specializes in tubing adventures.

You go, rent a innertube, get your backside in the water, and they send you on your way down the river. It’s a lovely leisurely time and cool, too – in both senses of the word.

My one word of advice – keep a close tether on the younger kids. If you hit a spot where the current picks up a little bit – those lighter tubes are going to take off!


It’s too damn hot for me to come up with a 10th. Please, do me a favor and hit the comments. What do you do to stay cool with the kids?


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