Send a Back to School Care Package with the Modern Men and ThinkGeek

The big yellow buses are transporting our children over hill and dale to learn the most they can.

For some of us Modern Men – our kids are beyond the yellow bus and currently in college. Or we have friends. Or cousins. Or amazing nieces!!! (Psst, my niece is amazing!)

I spoke with our friends over at ThinkGeek about some ideas for sending in a care package to someone freshly back (or there for the first time) at college and they sent some amazing stuff!

[Transparency: ThinkGeek sent these items for us to review at no cost, however we are free to state our own opinions.]

So, what showed up at my house that would be perfect for you to send to your college-aged folk? Let’s take a look!

The Doctor Who Fan in Your Life

No college dorm room is complete without a great blanket throw on the bed. Perfect for cozying up while cramming for exams, covering the bed when it’s a mess or putting over your head when you’re skipping math. (P.S. don’t skip Math. It’s not a good idea).

photo: ThinkGeek

For the Whovian – this Tardis throw is amazing. Not only does it look cool and is cozy – but right now it’s 73% OFF! It was $29.99 but you can ship this off to college for only $7.99! Order Yours by Clicking Here!

How about the Potterheads?

When I was in college, the cool stuff on your walls was always important to social status! I rocked the full-sized framed Lion King movie poster. Awww yeah!

ThinkGeek has some VERY cool wall signs for the Harry Potter fans out there. Made of die-cut wood, and almost a foot tall, this sign is PERFECT to add a little fun to their dorm room. And, yeah, it’s on sale now too! Click Here to Orders Yours!

Newly 21? Be the Bartender for your Friends!

The Mixology Cocktail Shaker at ThinkGeek makes it SO easy for you to make all the favorites. Martini, Cosmo, Daiquiris – and more. Eight different drinks!

Pair it up with cool glasses and you’re sure to be voted entertainer of the off-campus apartment complex.

Get yours by clicking here!

For Making The BIG Decisions!

Not your ordinary magic 8 ball!

We all love the Magic 8-ball. We played with them all the time when we were kids. What do we need now? A GIANT Magic 8-ball! For those in college – perfect for settling those pesky roommate disagreements.

This thing is 10″ in diameter – a little bigger than a regulation sized basketball! It looks COOL on a desk or filing cabinet. And does it work? Let me check…. Signs point to YES!

I have this in my office and everyone who comes by my desk can’t help but ask it a question. It’s a PERFECT conversation starter. Get yours by clicking here!

Desk Goodies For The Star Gazer

Sure, we get to have a lot of fun at college, but we need to get some work done too. Don’t we? I don’t remember…

This ThinkGeek Exclusive Outer Space Stationery Set is perfect. You guys know I’m a sucker for a hard cover journal. This set comes with a Hardcover 120-page lined journal with constellation cover design, elastic strap, and ribbon bookmark. So cool!

It also has 4 file folders featuring spacey designs, 600-sheet memo cube, 5 space symbol binder clips, and a Galaxy pen with black gel ink.

Sure, we have to do work, but why not make it look cool in the process. It’s currently on sale for $14.99 and is PERFECT to send your college friend. Click here to buy yours.

When you order from ThinkGeek – simply ship these items direct to the college address of the folks in your life. Everyone LOVES getting packages at school! Tell them the Modern Men sent you.


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