Disney Dad’s Dozen – 12 New Attractions Coming to Walt Disney World

8. The Un-Named Star Wars Resort

NEED to stay here!

Where: The North Side of DHS
When: TBA
Ok get ready! Right next to the new Galaxy’s Edge Star Wars Land at the Disney Hollywood Studios will be a new Star Wars resort. Rumors are flying about this resort but no real art work has been released.

Rumors include a “fully immersive” experience just as they are planning at the theme park. You will board space ships to be taken into the resort and all the Disney cast members will be in character at all times during your stay. It is said to include themed rooms, restaurants and bars.

The biggest perk will be a special entrance right into Galaxy’s Edge. So in theory you could spend a week at Disney and NEVER leave the Star Wars Universe. The only bad news is that this resort will not open with Galaxy’s Edge. It will come some time after.

9. Oga’s Cantina Bar

Think they’ll serve droids here?

Where: DHS Galaxy’s Edge
When: 2019 (fall we think)
Talk about hitting me where I live. I love Star Wars. I love Disney. I love cocktails. Here… Take my money!

A supposed recreation of the feel of the beloved Cantina from Episode IV – complete with smugglers, villains, droids, scoundrels and heroes. It will feature Star Wars themed food and drink. There will be costumed cast members in “full immersion” of the Star Wars Universe. How much for theme park blue milk?

10. The unnamed Star Wars Dinner Club

Do you have to fight a Rancor for dessert?

Where: DHS Galaxy’s Edge
When: 2019 (fall we think)
Ever been to a character meal at Walt Disney World? Or perhaps you have seen the Medieval Times Dinner Show? This is supposed to be the Star Wars version of that.

A themed meal, again with costumed fully immersed cast members and a themed show. This sounds corny and amazing at the same time! Who will be the star of the show? Will it be Jabba’s own Max Rebo band? Or will it be Shag Kava singing “Jabba Flow”? One can only dream!

11. The First Order Battle Attraction

Don’t worry – they can’t aim.

Where: DHS Galaxy’s Edge
When: 2019 (fall we think)

Again rumors have this as an action packed dark ride like the Spider Man and Harry Potter Rides at Universal Studios. No details really yet but anything that involves that many Stormtroopers – you can count me in.

I just hope TK-421 will be in it. That is if he survived the two times the death star was destroyed.

12. The Unnamed Millennium Falcon Ride


Where: DHS Galaxy’s Edge
When: 2019 (fall we think)

Oh. My. God. They built a Millennium Falcon attraction! Did you hear me? THEY BUILT A MILLENNIUM FALCON ATTRACTION!!!!! A freaking life-size replica of the most famous spaceship in all the galaxy. Not only do you get to ride the attraction YOU GET TO ACTUALLY PILOT THE SHIP! I am going to break the Kessel Run Record!

Sorry for yelling. I am a little excited.

So as you can see the Walt Disney Company is investing a lot of money in their theme parks for the next 3-4 years. They are adding so many blockbuster attractions it will be hard to pick which one to go on first. Disney is certainly getting their money’s worth out of the Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars acquisitions. Bring it on!

See you next month!

Until then…

Please Stand Clear of the Doors!

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