12 Days of Christmas Songs! My Favorites!

On Facebook, I was challenged by a friend to share a favorite Christmas song, every day, for 12 days. I’ve enjoyed these kinds of lists in the past – and I LOVE Christmas music. So, I was happy to do it!

Christmas music is pure joy to me. I’m sad when the radio stops playing it at some point on Christmas day and goes back to regular programming. The old family tradition was having a new CD (or cassette back in the day) primed in the car for the drive home from Thanksgiving dinner – that’s when the Christmas music was allowed to begin. Was always fun to find a new, fun CD to usher in the new season of Christmas music.

Also… I LOVE Christmas specials – and their music. The animated ones, the classics, the variety shows, the movies and, of course, the Rankin Bass puppets!

Below I’ll share my 12 Favorite Christmas Songs, and we’ll do our best to populate a kick-ass Modern Man Christmas Playlist on Spotify for you too! Click HERE to enjoy the tunes while working, home or in the car!

I’ll update this list as we announce each day of my favorites, so keep checking back!


Day 1:
Sleigh Ride by the Boston Pops Orchestra.
This is pure family love from me, through my mother, and straight to her father. We love this song and it’s not Christmas until we hear it. I went to see the Pops’ Christmas show in Bridgeport, CT, years ago with the parents, magical. It’s a real feeling of Christmas.

Day 2:
White Christmas by Bing Crosby and…. Michael Buble?
Yeah, the magic of Christmas (and television and green screens) allowed this to happen.
Cool number!

Day 3:
I Wish It Was Christmas Today by Jimmy Fallon and SNL cast

My sister-in-law always shares this with me every year and I never NOT laugh. They revisited it numerous times throughout the show and it was still funny each time.

Day 4:
Heatmiser/Snowmeiser by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

In my opinion “Year Without A Santa Claus” is the most underrated Rankin/Bass cartoon. This song makes it so.

In this version, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy gives it a bit more swagger!

Day 5:
12 Days of Christmas by Straight No Chaser

This is how I found the original acapella legends – SNC. This video became viral with their funny take on 12 Days of Christmas, ending with their own holly jolly version of Toto’s Africa to bring it home. Genius stuff.

Their 2 or 3 Christmas albums are always in rotation at the house.

Day 6:
Jingle Bells by Frank Sinatra
This is one of the most rudimentary Christmas songs, usually left in out of a list of favorites. But Ole Blue Eyes but his swagger in there and gave it the Rat Pack swing! I love the spelling part!

SO fun.

Day 7:
Holly Jolly Christmas by Burl Ives
Burl was the voice of Sam the Snowman in the Rankin/Bass Rudolph and this song always stuck in my heart.

It’s the one that always makes me really smile the first time I hear it during the Christmas season.

Day 8:
All I Need Is Love by Ceelo Green & The Muppets
Come on. A Christmas song with Manamana in it. It’s genius!

Day 9:
Frosty the Snowman by Jimmy Durante
Rankin/Bass rocking the animation for Frosty. There’s even an extended version of this song with “Uncle Jimmy” singing it to some young kids.

I have it on CD,but can’t find it on Youtube.

Day 10:
Santa Claus is Coming to Town by Bruce Springsteen
HEY BAND!! HEY BAND!!! LOVE this version.

I always sing along. Here’s a 1978 version of the performance – so cool to see.

Day 11:
We Three Kings by Claymation Christmas Special
When my brother and I hear We Three Kings – we can’t NOT sing it like the version here! The camels bring it home with a 60s DooWop feel.

This special was a spotlight for California Raisins – anyone else remember this one?

Day 12:
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer by Gene Autry.
I had the record album – LOVED it. Played it and played it and played it. Happy this is a version that finds its way on to Christmas radio still. To me – this is a pure classic and means Christmas.

So, what are your favorite 12 Christmas songs? Share with us in the comments. Don’t forget to listen to our Mind of Modern Man Christmas Playlist on Spotify! Over 5 hours of classics, new stuff and some rare finds!

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