Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers” – Shakespeare

The cliche “It takes a village” is cringe-worthy to hear. It’s so over used, and every new parent gets a chill up their spine every time it’s uttered.

However, the sentiment is true. If you fight hard enough for something, it’s a battle made easier with good people standing beside you.

Hopefully, your family is always on the front lines with you, but beyond that – that’s where the missions are won and lost – how great are the reinforcements coming when you call?

For the Modern Man, that’s where your boys come in. I consider myself so fortunate to have a band of brothers by my side – especially on this adventure of making Mind of Modern Man come to life.

We band of brothers…

One case in point, is our current focus on our #TruckTales series of videos on our YouTube Channel.

Step One…. I write and record the ‘performance’. I spend a few days and nights coming up with the topic and how to flesh it out to be at least a little entertaining for you all. I park the truck somewhere nice and record the footage. A lot of it is done on the first take – for a reason. I want it to be as ‘real’ as possible. It’s a conversation between myself and you – the viewer.

Then, I send that raw footage to Jay, our Producer. I’ve known Jay since High School having performed in shows and spending many classes together.

Jay takes the footage and makes it look good! He adds in his funny graphics and makes sure I don’t look bad. I have NO idea how to do what he does, so I’m always in awe when he sends me his rough cuts. I record the video and, for the most part, give Jay no direction in what I hope he does with graphic inserts, edits, cuts, etc. But when I see his additions, they are 99% of the time exactly as I had envisioned. It’s a total mind meld.

With a good number of TruckTales under our belt, we wanted to create a fun intro to play before them. But, we needed music. My high school skills on the trombone, or the 5 chords I know on the guitar weren’t going to cut it.

So, of course, I got in touch with one of my best friends on the planet – a fellow Modern Man – and quite an accomplished musician – Jon!

Jon asked what music I had in mind and I shared two songs with him as inspiration:

Nickle Creek’s “Smoothie Song


Billy Joel’s “Traveling Prayer

Jon listened to those, spent some time to get inspired and composed the song. He recorded ALL the instruments, and boom – we have a theme song.

From there, the song and the footage went back to Jay. I explained how I was looking for the feel of a 90’s TV show opening credits. He took that and ran, cutting together a bunch of our favorite quick cuts from previous videos and we have a new video intro clip!

Hopefully, you’ll subscribe to our YouTube Channel and watch our work continue to grow and get better.

It’s been a long time since this ancient picture of the three of us in “Once Upon A Mattress” in High School.

(l to r) Jay (Sir Studly – the chicken was a work of genius), (our friend Jim), Jon (the Minstrel – of course), Me (the Jester – appropriate)

And here we are – back working together to create some art. Art I’m very proud of.

Almost as proud as I am of calling these guys my friends.


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