Mind of the Modern Man Podcast – Episode 7 – Dusting Off Your Podcast Inbox

Ok, it’s been almost a YEAR since you’ve heard from us in your podcast inbox. Sorry about that.

Hopefully you’ve been following our adventures on the blog, Instagram and our YouTube Channel.

But yes, we’ve been neglecting our podcasting duties. Not because we gave up on the format, but because we were all focused on other stuff. Hell, we even did a podcast episode about trying to find time to do everything we want. Sorry to keep you waiting.


However, 2019 is here and with that, we’ve got a lot of new stuff on the horizon – including bringing back the Modern Man Podcast!

With that said, I decided to ‘dust off’ your podcast inbox. What exactly do I mean by that? Just ask my Great Aunt Pecky.


When I was in college (Go UCONN!!), it was before email and texting made our lives an instant connection to each other. Aside from a phone call or a visit, you were on an island – away from everyone in the family.


My great Aunt, who never had kids, took it upon herself to make sure my dorm mailbox got “dusted” from time to time – meaning something would show up there and breakup the cobwebs collecting in the mailroom.

She could send an article she found, a birthday card, or even a small package – just because. Aunt Pecky was the best!

That’s what I’m doing with this quick little 5-minute podcast for you all. Dusting off your podcast inbox with a little love. More is coming, but for now, give a listen and we’ll be talking again soon!


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