Why My Kids Got Out Of Bed… #2

I’ve been collecting the reasons my little ones give when they get out of bed at night. I’ll be sharing through the year.

#2 is a doozie;

I Heard Something!

Of course you did. It’s 7pm. The world hasn’t stopped because you are wrapped up in your Elsa and Anna sheets.

It was a car outside. Or the wind. Or me putting the clothes in the dryer. Or the dog drinking from his bowl.

Or. OR.

You heard Daddy having the audacity to make noise by doing any one of the 3 cardinal sins to kids in bed…

I opened a bag of chips.

I turned on the TV.

I had a conversation.

Any one of these and the kids know that there’s a grownup “party” going on in the world outside of their twin bed and they just NEED to be a part of it.

Am I right?



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