Why My Kids Got Out Of Bed… #3 & #4

I’ve been collecting the reasons my little ones give when they get out of bed at night. I’ll be sharing through the year.

#3 and #4 go together as a set;

Take Off My Socks! OR Put On My Socks!

You can’t win here, it’s a real lose lose situation.

If they have their socks on, they need you to take them off.

If they don’t have their socks, they want you to put some on.

Then somewhere, in the middle of the night, their little toes act as trained ninjas and kick off only ONE of the socks – usually never to be seen again.

What’s the solution? Yeah, I don’t have one. The best I got … teach them to put on their own socks. Make it a priority one learning situation! Maybe the folks at Bombas could help me out?


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