I’m Stuck In Quicksand. I Don’t Know What To Create.

I’ve been staring at my keyboard for hours, days, a week. Nothing is coming. I’m looking for some kind of motivation, and it’s like it’s hiding from me. Every step seems like I keep sinking deeper and deeper into the grittiness of this mental quicksand.

I don’t share this with you to whine, or look for sympathy… it’s just that I promised I’d share with you life as I live it. And right now, this is the life I’m living.

Spring is here. Living on a farm, that fills up a lot of hours cleaning, purging and getting ready. The kids are awaking from their winter sloth-like states and daily walks are longer, the playground is swinging and the Wiffle Balls are flying.

Yard work, home spring cleaning, trying to find 10 minutes in life for visiting family and friends, mini work trips, consulting gigs, getting over Spring-time colds, workshop teaching, fantasy baseball, TV shows ramping up for finales…. there’s a lot of stuff jumping out and waving their arms to get my attention.

I know I’m not alone with busy schedules – man, I don’t even want to think about what it will be like when the 3 kids all have activities of their own.

I asked around for some help with this self-inflicted writer’s block. And, for the most part, it’s shouting into the wind. It’s easy on Instagram to double-click a photo and leave a heart behind – but what about leaving a thought or two?

This is where I’m hitting my wall. Am I communicating with you all, or am I simply posting some fun little photos for you to click on as you scroll on down the internet super highway? Are the responses I’m getting simply the audio left myself, mere moments ago?

If you’re there – let me know. I’m here – I want to be writing, not just for myself, but for you. What do you want to hear? What do you want to read. Who are you? What kind of support or ideas or advice would you find interesting? What do you NEED? I’m looking for the many Modern Men to act as a muse to this ‘stuck’ Shakespeare of Blogging.

Come on, shout up from the canyon floor, I promise I’ll answer back.

Ok, maybe this was a bit whiny – but you know what? I wrote. See ya block – don’t you come round here no more!

Shout out to Jon for talking me through this…..


2 thoughts on “I’m Stuck In Quicksand. I Don’t Know What To Create.

  1. Man, maybe it’s the time of year? I’m working through my block, too!! Time to write some songs for the summer…


    1. Is there a song about the sound from the empty canyon? Screaming into the wind to only hear your own voice blow back? Yeah, I think we’re on to a hit song here…. let’s get writing again!


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