Let’s Talk About Socks – No, Really!

Hey gang,

Keith here with another story for you. For this one, I’m going to spend your time talking about… Socks. Yeah, socks. Wait – don’t close out the page yet! Hear me out.

I feel like socks get overlooked. A lot. They’re like the Brady Bunch’s Cousin Oliver of the clothes family.

We all wear them, but for the most part, we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about them. Some of us would be more than happy if they didn’t even exist.

Of course, there are those among us that have many many pairs of socks – each with their own specific situation to be worn – holidays, specific venues to be visited, color matching, and so on.

For me it’s pretty simple: Do I need ankle socks or calf length? Light or dark? Do they match? That’s pretty much all I need to know.

But then again, no one has ever called me a fashion-isto. I’m as comfortable in a shirt from WalMart as I am something really nice from the high end shops. When I’m gifted a really great piece of clothing, it stays in my wardrobe for years and years and years…

But, socks? They just stay in the drawer until they’ve lost all structural integrity. I have a friend that was the king of walking around with the socks with his toes sticking out of holes. Like – dude, $7.99 buy a new six-pack!

I don’t know about you, but I’m always amazed when I buy new white athletic socks. When you see them next to your old socks you remember what the color white is supposed to look like. It’s like looking into the first snow of the winter – Frosty the Snowman white.

I wear short socks with sneakers and longer socks with pants or if I’m wearing boots. I used to be a 100% white short sock guy. I had a really close friend when I was younger who always wore black short nike socks with sneakers and shorts. Used to drive me crazy.

Was like wearing dark socks with sandals … or any socks with sandals…. Or sandals at all… don’t get me started on the lack of need in this world for guys to show off their hobbit feet in sandals… Sandals and flipflops are nightmares! They instantly show that the wearer didn’t feel like taking the extra 45 seconds to put on and tie shoes. That sound of your sweaty food schlopping off the plastic bottom. The lack of ANY structure – whatsoever – to help support your foot and the incredible likelihood that it’s going to slide wrong, you’ll trip fall down, but you won’t get hurt – it’s going to be me – who’s standing in front of you in his sensible socks and sneakers combo who will break YOUR fall, but then fall to the ground from YOUR stumble, skin my knees and my palms as I hit the ground and now the day is ruined. RUINED!

Sorry, I lost it a bit there. I digress.

Thank you Chuck Norris

And by the way – I now own dark gray AND black Nike socks that I wear with sneakers. Tastes do evolve, after all.

I do have some nice socks. A few pairs are the ones I always wear for certain moments. I kept the argyle style socks I got married in, and wear them anytime I need some extra luck for a work meeting or some kind of social outing I want to feel I have a step up. Another pair is reserved for Christmas wherein the men in my family all wear one red sock and one green sock on Christmas Day.

I’ve been gifted a pair with Darth Vader on them. One with little TVs from the days when I was a critic. One with cars with Christmas Trees on top for when I worked, for years, at a cut-your-own Christmas Tree Farm. But those ‘novelty’ socks don’t seem to hold up all that well.

In reality, my sock game is pretty boring, to be honest. Until last week.

Our friends at Wohven.com switched it up a bit this time and sent me socks instead of a graphic tee shirt. Not just one pair – but three!

The three pair, like their shirts, are designed by different creators and have a bit of a story behind them. The ones I received bring some color into my sock drawer – red, green and even a little purple. Designers from Nepal and Poland.

The red pair have a labyrinth maze style to it, the green are leaves like ivy and the purple design consists of nested arches throughout the sock.

I’m at a loss of what to do with three new pairs of socks. Well, somewhat anyway.

First thing I did was chuck a few pairs of the old black socks. You know the kind, the ones you put on and then spend the rest of your day at work bending under your desk pulling them back up over your calves.

They’re gone.

So, I now have room to put the new socks in the drawer. But what shall I wear these for?

Wait.. hang on…

Am I putting too much thought into socks? Maybe. But ya know what? You’ve been listening or reading to this point so far, so, you’ve got my back on this, right?

It’s always nice to have new things to wear. Especially if you’re someone like me, who rarely adds new clothes to the closet. When you have something new, you feel a little … better. Now, as opposed to a new haircut, shirt or maybe glasses, it’s doubtful people are going to look at you and say “hey – are those some new socks”? But, we don’t need their validation – do we? No, this is for us.

It’s our own little ankle high surprise. When we sit with our legs crossed, or take a big step, maybe a flash of red or purple shine out from above our shoes.

These socks are great. I’ve since worn them all and here are the two most important take aways – they are SOFT and feel great – and they STAY UP!! Yes, the game of tug of war with gravity and socks ends thanks to our friends at Wohven.

On my next date night, with my farmin’ wife, I’ll be sure to rock those green growing leaves socks… going to be a big hit…

If you want to try out Wohven’s socks – go for it! In full transparency, we are a member of their affiliate program and have our own link to shop their site. That being said, my thoughts are how I truly feel and I wouldn’t give you any false love. Also, with our code ModernMan, you get 30% off your first month! These socks are great, honestly and at a low price AND our 30% off – what do you have to lose?

Now, it’s time to head out on our family walk. Back to the athletic socks and sneakers for the next two miles.

Just keep moving!

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