New Story Podcast – Where Am I Supposed To Look?

With everyone heading to the beach for the Fourth of July weekend, I have another story for you. Today, I’m recalling a recent family trip to the beach.

Give a listen now, or find it on iTunes. You can catch the transcript below, too.

I’ve mentioned, in previous stories, my major disinterest in the beach.

The heat scalding your skin. The shells slicing the soft underbelly of your feet. The crowds of people flexing, preening and sweating all over the place. And of course, the super, almost occult-like, ability for sand to get EVERYwhere it doesn’t belong. Not that sand actually belongs anywhere, mind you.

I’m not just whining here. Sand in the shorts is a real issue. We have chaffing. We have all kinds of bacteria. We have who knows what kind of pollution and no kidding, the American Journal of Epidemiology has been researching the relationship between beach sand and fecal contamination. That’s right, evidence has shown that sand does, in fact, harbor high concentrations of fecal particles.

But I digress.

The other day I went to the beach.

Why? Because I love my kids. And my kids love the beach.

So, there I was. At the beach. 4pm on a Sunday – the first Sunday where the temperature dipped its toe into the 80s here in Connecticut. My family loves to pack a picnic and head to the beach, either first thing in the morning before the crowds, or around 4pm as they are all leaving.

My kids are little, so they’re playing in the sand and treading into the shallows of our little inlet of Long Island Sound. This is the extent of our beachy activities. Bring a few pails, some shovels and a plastic dump truck and we’re in business.

One thing I never go without – my giant blue beach blanket. It’s huge, stakes into the ground and covers that demon sand like suran wrap covers Mom’s famous seven-layer summer salad.

In full disclosure, a company called Chillax sent me this a couple years ago to try out and review, but no joke, I bring it to the beach every single time. I’m not sure Chillax still exists – but I’m confident that you can find all kinds of giant sand blankets on Amazon. Get one. Save yourself from the fecal particles!


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