Office-Friendly Halloween Costumes for The Modern Man

Last week I got the email: “We’re going to all dress up for Halloween, here in the office.” Now, I’m not a total kill-joy in life. I’ve dressed in more costumes than I remember thanks to my years and years in community theater. I’m happy to dress with my kids while we go trick-or-treating. There’s just something about sitting around in the office, in costume, … Continue reading Office-Friendly Halloween Costumes for The Modern Man

What Did I Learn This Week? – #1 – January 28, 2018

“You learn something new every day.” Ain’t it the truth? This old dog is always willing to try out some new tricks. So, why not share? I’m going to try something new on the site. I’m going to share a few quick hits on some things that jumped out at me each week. Sharing is caring – right? Let me stop with the clichés and … Continue reading What Did I Learn This Week? – #1 – January 28, 2018

“One thing. Just one thing.”

I’ve forgotten how to do just one thing. No, I haven’t forgotten how to do any one thing specifically… Actually, that’s not true. I’m sure I’ve forgotten MANY specific things over the last 40+ years – the lyrics to Rhythm is a Dancer, how to do a somersault without breaking my neck and most of algebra.

What I’m referring to is that I don’t remember how to NOT multitask anymore. For the Modern Man, we’re told that it’s such a valuable tool for most of life. Watch the kids while making dinner. Mowing the lawn while listening to the ball game. Checking my emails during the morning bathroom time.

But I can’t just sit still and do one thing.

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