img_3586Episode Seven:“What’s Next”

Yeah, ok. We let you know. We’ve been missing in the Podcast world. But… we’ve been focusing on our #TruckTales series on our YouTube Channel, our Social Media pages, and the blog.

But – GREAT news! We’re coming BACK to Podcast for 2019!

Click HERE and give a listen as Keith gives you an update on what’s been going on, and What’s Next!


img_3587Episode Six:“Debating The Last Jedi”

After some serious time off, it took a powerful “Force” to get the Modern Men back together again for a new Podcast!

After watching WAY too much The West Wing, KP decided to moderate a debate between Jon and Mat on the virtues of Star Wars, The Last Jedi.

Click HERE to listen and join in on the debate!


img_3588Episode Five:“Keeping Old Friends”

In Episode 5, Mat and KP talk about how the Modern Man in his 40s stays in touch with their friends – or at least tries to. Not just Facebook contact, but real, true friendship.

The guys share personal stories, open up and talk very honestly about the hardship of seeing old friends slip away and making the effort to keep them beyond hitting the “like” button from time to time.

Click HERE to listen.


img_3589Episode Four: “Modern Man Myths”

In this episode, the original three Modern Men – KP, Jon and Mat, talk about reader-submitted Man Myths! Asking for directions, cooking on the grill, killing spiders… are they still exclusively for the man? We try to debunk as we go through this episode.

Click HERE to listen.


img_3590Episode Three: “Talking Fantasy Baseball”

KP and Mat share stories about the long-lasting fantasy baseball league they are in and how they find time to participate as a Modern Man.

Click HERE to listen.


img_3591Episode Two: “Finding Time”

KP and Jon chat about finding time for your passions that don’t necessarily involve work or family.

Music, theater, sports, even watching TV…

How does the Modern Man in his 40s carve out time for these parts of his life? Click HERE to listen.


img_3592Episode One: “Much to learn you still have…”

Join us (Jon, KP and Maty) as we discuss two things we hold dear – our kids and Star Wars! Every modern father knows there will be a time when he must teach his children the love that is Star Wars.

We chat our way through our first childhood memories of being introduced to the world of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Of course, we also talk about how we are introducing our children to the same. Click HERE to listen.