Star Wars

A long time ago…. in a movie theater not to far away…. the Modern Men saw Empire Strikes Back as kids and the love never stopped. It has become evident that we can’t help mentioning Star Wars at the drop of a hat (or helmet in this case). So, why hide it? We LOVE Star Wars!

Check out our stories that pertain to Star Wars below and may the Force be with you as you join us on the journey.

STORY – Keith says “goodbye” to Toys R Us – including his beloved Star Wars aisle.

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VIDEO – Keith lists his Top 10 favorite 80s movies – of COURSE Empire is on there!
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PODCAST – Jon and Mat debate the values of Star Wars The Last Jedi with Keith as moderator.
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STORY – – The Modern Men review The Last Jedi. (Spoilers Abound!)

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STORY – Rob shares his Disney Dad Dozen rides at Disney World that Dads like going on. Where does Star Tours rank?

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PODCAST – The Modern Men talk about how they introduced their kids to the Star Wars Universe.

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